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Tuesday, 3 March 2009 · 1 comment

You can call me Tulasi-Priya. I also have a title, Dasi (servant) which I don’t use because people tend to think it’s a name and might start calling me “Ms. Dasi,” etc., which is just as dumb as can be. Nobody calls the Dalai Lama “Mr. Lama,” for Pete’s sake. They generally call him His Holiness. Rank-and-file Gaudiya Vaisnavas (the tradition into which I was initiated is called Gaudiya Vaisnavism) refer to each other on formal occasions as “His Grace,” “Her Grace,” and “Your Grace.” Nice, huh? You don’t have to refer to me as Your Grace, Tulasi-priya is fine. Anything but Ms. Dasi.

By this point, you know a lot more about Gaudiya Vaisnava etiquette than you do about me, so I’ll meander back onto the “about me” track. My name (including the “dasi” title), means “servant of He who is dear to Tulasi,” that is to say, God, a.k.a., Krishna.

The story of who Tulasi is (her name means “peerless”) could take up many more pages, and telling you about Krishna would take eternity, so I won’t go there right now. Besides, that’s what this blog is for; we’ve got plenty of time, should you decide to come along for the ride.

Brief statistics:

Childless (sort of)
Somewhat educated (meaning, years of school but no degree). I studied film and video production, theater, and broadcast communications at the University of Miami and Florida International University.
My ethnic background is some kind of Hispanic (Puerto Rican and Spanish, to be exact) and Anglo mix.

What you can expect of me:

The reason I’m doing this is to share my particular take on the struggle for enlightenment.

I know, it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Nothing has to be a struggle.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, and chocolate cake doesn’t have to have calories.

But it frequently is, and it always does.

In chronicling my struggle, I want to pay respect to the English language and to engage it the best I can as a resource in my spiritual practice. Enlightenment is not exactly a mental process, but the mind is the mediator for the process. And language communicates the mind, however imperfectly. Of course, the respect I give to language isn’t just superficial and stylistic; it includes honesty as a policy. If I purport to say what I think, than I should not debase the words I use by having them mislead others.

What I request of you:

If you don’t like me, or what I say here, stay away. You are certainly free to start your own blog and slag me from now ’til kingdom come, but I won’t allow it here. Call me an autocrat, if you must; I’ve always wanted to be called an autocrat. (If you’re really desperate, you can send me a link to your slagblog and I’ll post it on my blogroll, just to keep the site balanced.)

Please don’t use the comments section merely to advertise yourself and/or your blog. Contributing meaningfully to whatever dialog occurs is the best advertising for your own blog that you could do.

Absolutely no slagging of anyone, ever. That’s for losers.

I think that’s enough for now. I’ll probably add to this later, because it takes a long time to condense a bio. Check back here another time, okay? Thanks for your attention.

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Shanna August 28, 2010 at 11:29 am

Oops. I read this after I commented on one of your posts. Does “dead ass” count as slagging? (It doesn’t in my world, but my world is pretty strident sometimes.) I was feeling a little protective of you. Sigh. The road to hell being paved with good intentions, and all that…


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